Emmanuel Remi Aiyede

Department Head and Professor of Political Science
University of Ibadan

Emmanuel Remi Aiyede is a professor of political institutions, governance, and public policy in the department of political science at the University of Ibadan.  He is the current head of the political science department (01 August 2020),  former Sub-Dean of Faculty of the Social Sciences (2012-2014), and former coordinator of the Leadership and Governance Programme (2010-2014) at the Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of Ibadan. He was also a visiting scholar at the Electoral Institute, Independent National Electoral Commission, Abuja (2016-2017) and visiting fellow of the Transregional Centre for Democratic Studies (TCDS) at New School University in New York in 2000.  He began his career as a fellow at the Governance Unit of the Development Policy Centre (DPC), an independent think tank in Ibadan in 1998, after a brief stint in journalism.   He taught at the University of Lagos before joining the University of Ibadan in 2005. He has had visiting lectureship experience in several universities within and outside Africa. He has been on the Editorial Board of Nigeria’s oldest surviving newspaper, the Nigerian Tribune, since 2008.  He contributes to public discourse in the Nigerian news media. 

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