Irene Hatsu

Associate Professor of Human Nutrition
The Ohio State University

Dr. Irene Hatsu is a registered dietitian, an associate professor of human nutrition, and an Extension State Specialist for Food Security at Ohio State University. Her research interests lie in community and clinical nutrition, with a primary focus on vulnerable populations. Specifically, she focuses on identifying nutritional health needs of vulnerable populations as they relate to their mental and physical health. Her goal is to develop innovative and effective interventions targeted at minimizing food and nutrition insecurity within these populations, while improving physical and mental health. Dr. Hatsu’s research has focused on vulnerable youth (both homeless and domiciled). She has characterized vulnerabilities in their nutritional and mental health and is now focused on the relevance of nutrition therapy as an effective alternative treatment of mental disorders among young children and homeless youth. Her research has resulted in national and international presentations, as well as peer-reviewed publications in well-established and highly ranked journals in her field.

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