Mohamad Fawzi Mahomoodally

Associate Professor of Health Sciences
University of Mauritius

Mohamad Fawzi Mahomoodally holds a life sciences degree and is a Harvard University alumnus. He is an extraordinary professor for the Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences at North-West University in South Africa.  He is also a visiting professor (China and Vietnam). He was the head of department, TWAS-ROSSA Young Affiliate, member of the Global Young Academy, recipient of the Young Promising Scientist from Mauritius to TWAS/BVA.NXT Biovision 2012, and an ASM Leadership fellow in the USA (2013). He was among the top 25 Young Scientists to attend the ‘Food Future-ICSU meeting in Italy, was nominated as a Young Ambassador member of the Young Leader’s Circle, and Country Ambassador to the American Society for Microbiology. He has authored more than 474 scientific publications and is the recipient of more than 50 fellowships and  travel grants.  He has also been invited as a plenary and keynote speaker to attend and present in international conferences and seminars.  He was invited to ASM-GM (Boston, USA), the ICAAC meeting  (Colorado, USA), and 6 strategic meetings in Washington, USA. He was invited to the Commonwealth Conference  in Bangalore by the Royal Society, UK, and the Young Leader session with Nobel Laureates at the STS Forum, Kyoto/Japan. He is a Fellow of the African Science Leadership Programme, University of Pretoria-South Africa, and fellow of the Novartis Scholarship in 2017. Fawzi is presently the Principal Investigator/co-PI of 10 research grants/interdisciplinary consortium both regionally and internationally. He has organized and instructed  more than 25 international and national workshops and training courses.  Fawzi is the scientific editor, reviewer, and book proposal evaluator of  more than 100 peer-reviewed international scientific journals, and served on or chaired  more than 50 national and international committees.

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