Thanika D. Juwaheer

Associate Professor of Management
University of Mauritius

Thanika D. Juwaheer is an associate professor in the department of management, Faculty of Law and Management, University of Mauritius.  Dr. Juwaheer has extensive teaching, industrial, and consulting experience.  She has over 30 years of experience in marketing, tourism, and hospitality in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean Islands.  She was the former Pro Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources) at the University of Mauritius. She holds a BCom (Hons) degree (First Class) and MBA (Marketing) (First Class) from the University of Delhi in India and a PhD (Marketing) from the University of Mauritius. Dr. Juwaheer has also served as the Head of Department of Management and Dean of the Faculty of Law & Management of the University of Mauritius.

She has published articles in leading academic journals, conference proceedings, and trade journals in the fields of tourism, hospitality management, the impact of green marketing, customer relationship management, and the environmental management strategies of hotels and other companies in Mauritius. Dr. Juwaheer serves on the editorial board of several international refereed academic journals.

She was awarded the title of “Africa’s Most Influential Woman” in 2016 in business and government, both at country and regional levels; Tertiary Education Sector (Academic) in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean Region (IOC) in August 2016 by the CEO Global magazine, a media magazine that has focused on highlighting Africa’s leading talent and sharing their success stories for the last 16 years.

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