Rethinking Africa’s Way Forward: Growth through Investments in Education, Technology and Health
Dec 11, 2022, 12:30 pmDec 14, 2022, 6:00 pm
African School of Economics, Abuja, Nigeria


Event Description

PASRC’s 1st annual conference will take place on December 11th- 14th 2022 at the African Economic School’s campus in Abuja, Nigeria. 

This conference will showcase researchers as well as policymakers who have been leading the way in  developing and promoting innovative and transformative models for development in Africa.

The conference aims to build strong ties between research leaders, policy makers and students working on African challenges. We envisage facilitating collaborations and building capacity for stronger and longer-term response to human capital development needs on the continent.

The conference theme will be centered around:

1. Education: What new models of education are necessary to not only ensure rapid alphabetisation and education but also quality and inclusive pedagogy on the African continent? 

2. Technology: How can African researchers, policy makers and private sector actors harness new technologies to address the multiple challenges it is facing (e.g., food crisis, resilience to climate change, financial access, social protections, etc.)?

3. Health: How are researchers and policy-makers tackling big challenges such as control of counterfeit medications, access to data and samplings, access to rapid diagnosis and disease surveillance, access to well-trained practitioners, the lack of health equity between rural and urban areas, sustainability of health infrastructure and materials?