PASRC announces its inaugural members

Feb. 5, 2021

The Pan-African Scientific Research Council today announced its Inaugural Members, consisting of 520* researchers and professionals. These members constitute the Council’s very first cohort, following its launch in June 2020. Members have been selected for their proven excellence in research, potential for growth, and ability to contribute to engagement with policymakers on the African continent.

The main goals of the Pan-African Scientific Research Council are to highlight excellence in research on the African continent, promote career development of young scholars, and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. The Council will also strive to influence evidence-based policymaking in Africa, and communicate scientific research to a wide audience through public engagement. Upcoming efforts and initiatives will be focused on advancing these goals.

The Inaugural Member selection was made by the Council’s Evaluation Committee, which consisted of 26 established researchers selected for the relevance and quality of their work, as well as their knowledge of the African scientific community. Professors Leonard Wantchekon and Raouf Boucekkine co-chaired the Evaluation committee, and the evaluators were Professors Ted Loch-Temzelides, Pierre Nguimkeu, Karim Abadir, Hafedh Bouakez, Susan Slyomovics, Nathan Nunn, Kim Yi Dionne, James Fenske, Naa Oyo Kwate, Victor Murinde, Dina Pomeranz, Benno Ndulu, Sophie Dabo, Mahlet Tadesse, Mohammed Ziane, Amine Khamsi, Kasso Okoudjou, Maged Harraz, Idir Bitam, Hugues Fausther Bovendo, Isabelle Glitho, Robin Duponnois, Orou Gaoue, and Mohamed Benbouzid. Evaluators were grouped in sub-committees based on their area of expertise.

“It has been a very encouraging process so far, as the evaluation process has allowed us to discover many promising African scientists who don’t often get the opportunity to showcase their talent. We are looking forward to setting up the Council in a way that supports career development for these young researchers,” said Wantchekon. 

“We are also pleased with the group of professionals that the Council has been able to attract – with their support, we will be well-positioned to bring findings from our researchers to policymakers across Africa, thus influencing evidence-based policymaking,” added Boucekkine.

The first class of PASRC members can be found here.

*This number includes all Inaugural Members who had accepted their invitations as of Thursday March 25th at 4:00 PM GMT.

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