PASRC Career Development Webinar: Fund for Innovation in Development

July 23, 2021

On July 20th 2021, PASRC's Career Development Committee kicked off its webinar series with a fundraising webinar where the Fund for Innovation in Development (FID) presented a significant research funding opportunity.

FID is a new initiative of the French government to support innovation that contributes to reducing global poverty and inequality. Through flexible grant funding, FID enables innovators and researchers to test new ideas, build rigorous evidence of what works, and scale the highest-impact and most cost- effective solutions. Juliette Seban, FID's executive director, and Pascaline Dupas, president of FID's review committee, presented the different stages of funding along with the FID review process and selection criteria. The presentation was followed by a Q&A with the FID team.

View the slides that were used during the presentation.

Please see below for the webinar's recording.





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